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A Way to Make Lent Come Alive by Giving an Item a Day for Those in Need in Our Community

***Boxes contain 28 different items to give to local needy families.  Please note that due dates on all products placed in the box must have an expiration date of June 30th, 2024 or later.  This project is organized and sponsored by the Seekers Adult Sunday School Class in support of the Bread of Life Ministry.  Completed Boxes must be returned to the church by Thursday 4/6 or Friday 4/7/2023.  This year we have a shortage of empty boxes and would appreciate you bringing any extra empty boxes that you have.  The empty boxes will be stored in Habersett Hall on the left on the benches as you go into the hall.  If you need an empty box please contact the Church Office to pick one up. You will also need to contact the Church Office at 610-459-0248 to let them know you are coming to drop off the completed packed  box.   Plans are to store the completed Resurrection Boxes in Habersett Hall as well.  Please label the box- “Resurrection Box”. For those of you unable to lift the box yourself from your vehicle, please feel free to contact Jan Rodgers to arrange for assistance. Due to the effects of the Pandemic, we will still need to let the boxes sit for 1 week prior to their distribution date of April 15, 2023. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact church office.   Thanks for your support of this annual Mt Hope Ministry to serve families in need.

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