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A Message from Pastor Johnson


We have been monitoring the COVID 19 (Coronavirus) and its implication on our faith community.

I have been in contact with other United Methodist pastors in the area, as we try to find a way to best serve you and our lord Jesus Christ.

This morning we woke up to the news that there were 5 new confirmed cases in Delaware County, this includes a prison guard. Given the stark reality of the impact that this pandemic is having on our local community. We decided to the following.

We are cancelling the following:
1) worship services for the next two weeks.
2) all meetings held and led by Mt. Hope leaders, including but not limited to life groups, memory cafe, bible studies, keli girls, men’s group, yoga, Sunday school, youth group and other gatherings.

We will continue to monitor the situation and if things change we will pass on the information.

Please know that we have given much thought to this decision and truly hoped we would not arrive at cancelling worship services.

The Bible reminds that we are our brothers and sisters keeper. I have often preached that means we need show up for each other in person and do tangible things. In these times of uncharted waters it seems that being our brothers and sisters keeper means social distancing.

Pastor Johnson
Lead Pastor Mt. Hope UMC.

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